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Best Free Sitemap Generators | Why Sitemaps Are Important ?

Best Free Sitemap Generators | Why Sitemaps Are Important: You should know about Best Free Sitemap Generators because you are in the blogging field. So we are here to help you find the best sitemap generator for your site. To get complete information about sitemaps, you should read this full article about Best Free Sitemap Generators and Why Sitemaps Are Important ?

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If you are building a website and want to do proper search engine optimization, it is necessary to submit a sitemap for the site.

Submitting sitemaps to search engines like Google and Bing is always a best practice to improve visitors to your blog or website.

In addition, submitting a sitemap helps your site rank higher in search results. It also helps to improve the performance of your website. In this we are going to share you the complete information about whatsapp, what is sitemap, how to generate sitemap and submit it to search console. We also give you a brief idea on the best free sitemap generator of website. Using these, you can easily create a sitemap for your site.

What is a Sitemap?

Sitemaps are HTML or XML files that contain every information about your blog post or page. It contains information about your post metadata and when it was last updated.

In other words, a sitemap gives you the complete structure of your website in XML or Html format. Sitemaps are generated for each post, page, tag and categories of your website. Sitemap helps search engines to crawl your site regularly. It is always recommended to generate and submit a sitemap of your site. It helps search engines to rank your post.

Why Sitemaps Are Important?

Submitting a sitemap to any search engine is the most important part of SEO. XML sitemaps help your site crawl the search engines. So that it can index every page of your website.

This helps your post appear in search results. So that readers can find your posts on search engines. HTML sitemaps are also very important like XML sitemaps. This helps your visitors know what they are seeing on your website.

XML Sitemaps are important if:

  • Your website is very new and has fewer backlinks
  • The site is too big
  • Your website is not well structured or linked to others
  • Using more media content such as images and videos

Types Of Sitemaps

  1. Visual Sitemaps
  2. XML Sitemaps
  3. HTML Sitemaps

Visual Sitemaps
If you own an agency or consultant using a visual sitemap, it is always beneficial for you. This will give users a great visual representation of your website. Most visual sitemap tools are very easy to use. They also come with drag and drop features. Which makes it very easy to access.

XML Sitemaps
The main purpose of XML Sitemaps is to inform search engines about the posts and pages contained in a website. This is a structural representation of your website. It also tells the search engine about your most recent update. The main purpose behind creating XML sitemaps is to provide web crawlers with complete data on every different URL of your website. This is very useful if you have a large number of URLs on your site.

XML sitemaps are the most popular and widely used among all website owners. Over 80% of the website uses XML sitemaps for crawl purpose. The XML Sitemap provides the web crawler with every data in the URL so that it can be easily indexed. It always helps to increase your post rank on search result.

HTML Sitemaps
There are many free sitemap generators to create your HTML sitemaps. You can use one of them. An HTML sitemap allows your site visitors to navigate properly. It is designed in such a way that the user can easily find the content on your site. HTML sitemaps do not contain every single page of your site. This helps search engines find content on your site. Also, it helps your visitors know what they need.

HTML Sitemap is not supported By Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Best Free Sitemap Generators

Above we have discussed about the basics of sitemaps ie sitemaps, types of sitemaps, etc. Below we are going to tell you which are the best free sitemap generators for your website. Many websites generate sitemaps. But in today’s article, we are sharing the 10 best of them.

  1. XML Sitemap Generator
  2. XML-Sitemaps
  3. Check Domains
  4. Web Site Map
  5. X Sitemap
  6. Smallseotools
  7. My Sitemap Generator
  8. Website SEO Checker
  9. Free Sitemap Generator
  10. The SEO Tools

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